Tagalog pick up lines

Tagalog pick up lines are now ingrained in the Filipino culture. We Pinoys are definitely creative and innovative when it comes to the matters of the heart, or just being plain cheesy. Well, Filipinos are a romantic race after all, and we have a knack at combining the sweet and the funny; one of the best recipes for a perfect “kilig” moment.

Boys and girls are not really afraid to sound corny or even naughty at times, we just have this ability to bend the laws of attraction from time to time and get away with it. That’s how good we are. Filipinos can do almost anything whether it may be cheesy or funny and backs it up with the most important thing of all… sincerity. Cheesy tagalog pick up lines are one of our specialties, the “banat” that could melt an iceberg, the “banat” that could turn a nobody into a somebody with a super hot girlfriend.

Pick up lines evolve endlessly just as how we adapt to anything. Yes, we do sometimes borrow from other countries, but we transform and mold it into our own wicked ways of delivery and language, turning them into original cheesy tagalog pick up lines. Lay out the best and latest pick up lines from all the other countries, our guys would always be at the top of their game to topple the most cheesy ( sometimes the most effective), the most funny (laughter breaks boundaries) and the most romantic pick up lines to date. The raw power of the unbeatable cheesy Filipino men!

So why are Pinoy s up to date with pick up lines? It is really simple, we are fun-loving people and we are very much interested in L-O-V-E. That’s just how we are! Cheesy tagalog pick up lines are most of the time humorous, so it gives us a laugh or two, we are most definitely not afraid to sound cheesy, in fact we find it endearing and adorable, and when it comes to getting to know another person we want it to be light and conversational, which a positive laughter can easily bring.

Miss Miss! Mali ka ng pinuntahan!   Doon ang Ms. Universe Contest. Hindi dito…

Boy: “Kahit kailan hindi na ko iinom! Goodbye alak!”
Girl: “Really? Magbabagong buhay ka na?”
Boy: “ Hindi ah, bakit pa ko mag aalak, eh sayo pa lang ang lakas na ng tama ko.”

Tingin ko delivery woman ka…kanina mo pa tinitingnan “package” ko eh.

Boy: “Alam mo ok ka sana eh, maganda ka, matalino, pero may kulang sa pangalan mo eh.”
Girl: “Ano?”
Boy: “Apelyido ko…”

Alam mo miss baka paalisin ka dito…(bakit??)… pumapangit ibang babae pag andito ka eh.

May band-aid ka miss? Nahulog kasi ako eh… Nahulog ako sayo.

Parang flag ceremony parati ang drama ko pag napapadaan ka; Napapatigil ako. Napapahawak pa ako sa puso ko at napapakanta.

Boy: “Miss, ikaw ang Lupang Hinirang ko…”
Girl: “ Alam ko na yan, sasabihin mo tinatayuan ka no?”
Boy: “Hindi, handa akong…Mamataaaay ng daaahiil sayooooooo(singing).”


As you can see, it is more than just telling a joke, it is not about telling another person of the opposite sex that you are feeling a little frisky and you need a little “sumthin sumthin”, but let us not forget the most important factor deep within this flirty nature of ours. It gives us a smile when we hear or read it. It gives us a simple flattery which we all need once in a while.

Cheesy tagalog pick up lines will always be a part of our society simply because we like to laugh, and we love to love. So to everyone who’s feeling down and left out, look at that attractive person 3 feet beside you, and give her, or him your best “banat”. Who knows, He/she might be the one…Yiiheeeeee!