Cheesy tagalog pick up lines

I get it, I know you think that tagalog pick up lines are cheesy and you are 100% certain that none of them would work. I know you think that hooking up is not based on scripts and words alone could not predict the outcome of a special first meeting scenario.

Have you ever thought that there must be something in it that charms another person? Sure nowadays pick up lines are mostly seen as a joke, just a genre of humor that we cannot really use in real life; I am sure that is true, but we fail to understand the underlying factor in it: It delivers the message that you are interested with getting to know the person. Being cheesy does not mean you fell in love at first sight and you are willing to die for her/him; it is simply about breaking the ice.

Alam mo miss para kang walis tambo…you swept me off my feet!

May kilala ako na may gusto sayo…kung di lang ako mahiyain sasabihin ko sayo eh.

Huhulaan ko course mo…Fine Arts? Kasi you’re so fiiiiiiine.

Alam mo? Masyado kang maganda nakalimutan ko pick up line ko…

Ang lungkot ng mga labi mo…gusto mo samahan siya ng labi ko?

Feeling mo diyos ka!…Sinagot mo lahat ng panalangin ko!

(hawak sa likod ng babae) Asan na yung pakpak mo?

Miss excuse me may hinahanap ako… nalaglag yung panga kung nung nakita kita eh

Pwede magtanong? Pano pumunta ng bahay mo?

Anong oras mo nga pala kelangan bumalik ng langit?

(hawakan ang butt) Excuse me, is this seat taken?

(tingnan ang tatak ng damit) Sabi na nga ba eh! Made In Heaven!!

Those are just a few of the cheesiest pick up lines we may encounter or do. Deliver it with care, cheesy tagalog pick up lines does not mean that they are meant to be believed, or you really mean them when you said it. Think of it as saying “Hi!” or “How are you doing today?”

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