Funny tagalog pick up lines

One thing that withstood the constant change of time is our need to engage new people, initiate a conversation or impress someone with our quick and perfectly timed wits.  It is amusing to witness the evolution of how men and women initially interact, and how we transformed this social practice into a very creative, sometimes effective and inexplicably engaging means to communicate, often times resulting in a hilarious manner.

Most of the time, the main focus of delivering ‘pick-up’ lines is to establish an introduction while at the same time, seducing the receiver. Several books and seminars have been launched to teach men and women about the art of seduction.  For example we have Neil Strauss’ The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists, and many more online. But sometimes, the need to laugh overpowers the need to seduce.

Here are examples of pick-up lines from men all over the Philippines, and not surprisingly, humor prevails:

Boy: “Alam mo ok ka sana eh, maganda ka, matalino, pero may kulang sa pangalan mo eh.”
Girl: “Ano?”
Boy: “Apelyido ko…”

Boy: “ Sana naging facebook page na lang ako…”
Girl: “ You’re so weird! Why naman??”
Boy: “Ang facebook page ang dali mong i-like, but ako hindi??”

Boy: “May kandila ka ba jan?
Girl:  “Bakit?”
Boy: “Pakititrik mo naman sa puso kong patay na patay sayo….(sniff)”

Boy: “Miss pwede ba magtanong?”
Girl: “?”
Boy: “I think I’m lost eh…pag diniretso ko ba tong daan na to diretso ‘to sa puso mo?”

Boy: “Hoy! Ikaw! Babae! Tae ka ba??”
Girl: “Ouch naman! I’m not ha! Bakit mo naman nasabi yan?”
Boy: “…(yumuko at umiyak)….Hindi kasi kita kayang paglaruan…”

Boy: “ Sabi ko na nga ba ako ang camera ng buhay mo eh”
Girl: “ I don’t get it, bakit naman?”
Boy: “Kasi…I make you smile…”

Boy: “ Pustiso ka ba?”
Girl: “ Hindi noh! At Bakit??”
Boy: “ You know… I can’t smile without you…”

Boy: “ Kelan ba kita pwedeng tubusin?”
Girl: “ Bakit naman?”
Boy: “ Ang laki laki na kasi ng interest ko sayo eh!”

“Wag mo na itanong ano gusto ko sa buhay!…baka madulas ako at ikaw pa masabi ko…”

Boy: “ Hi miss! Ask ko lang ano tagalong ng ‘I love You?’”
Girl: “Mahal kita”
Boy: “Talaga? Mahal din kita”

Boy: “Alam mo miss para kang pulitika”
Girl: “Ha?Bakit naman?”
Boy: “Botong boto kasi sayo parents ko eh.”

Boy: “ Gusto ko lang sabihin, ang google mo.”
Girl: “What??”
Boy: “ La lang…lahat kasi ng hinahanap ko nasa iyo eh..”

There you go, 12 examples of funny tagalog pick-up lines constructed by the very creative Filipino men. The next time you go inside a bar and you see this scorching hot lady across the room, approach her, steadily with a sense of confidence, make her feel you only have eyes for her, then try to deliver one of these lines (at your own risk!). It may not get you her number, but it will surely give you a positive response. Women actually find a guy with a sense of humor very sexy.

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